Siete Mares Seafood Soup
Shrimp, scallops, king crab legs, mussels, clams, fish, calamari
and octipus simmered in their own juices and tomato juice,
garnished with avocado cubes, served with fresh lime and
crackers on the side.   17.99
Enchiladas de Jaiba *
2 flour tortillas rolled and filled with dungeness crab, scallions,
celery, onions, parsley and spices topped with monterrey jack
cheese and a sauce of special fresh 'tomatillos' Mexican
tomatoes topped with sour cream.  13.99
Camarones a la plancha
Large mexican shrimp butterflield, laced with garlic, grilled and
served on a bed of rice, melted cheese an shredded lettuce with
fresh scallions, tomato an lemon.  13.99
Camarones al mojo de ajo
Shrimp and mushrooms sauteed in butted, garlic and spices.
Served with beans and tortillas.  $ 13.99
Camarones a la diablo *
Butterfly shrimp with garlic served with special salsa (hot). Rice,
avocado and mayonnaise  $ 13.99
Seafood Burrito *
One burrito stuffed with crab, shrimp, chicken. Topped with
mushroom sauce, avocados, tomatoes an sour cream. Rice and
beans. $ 1
Fish Tacos *
These soft flour tortillas with marinated grilled fish served with
fresh shredded cabbage, cheese, Mexican salsa.  $ 13.99
Camarones mexicanos *
Largue shrimp sauteed in special sauce, mushrooms, onions,
green peppers and blended with tomatoes, herbs and spices
served on a bed of rice with avocado and tomato. Served with
tortillas. Not served with beans.   $ 1
Pescado  *
Whole red snapper fish fry topped with our salsa mexicana sauce
and served with rice, beans & coleslaw.  $ 13.99
Camarones Con Tocino *
Bacon wrapped largue shrim brased and served with grilled
onions, mushrooms and green bell peppers, garnished with
tomato an lemon   $ 1
Camarones carnitas*
Shrimp butterflied sliced an sauteed with onions, green peppers
and mushrooms. Served with rice an beans   $ 13.99
Camarones Chipotle
Souteed shrimp, mushrooms, green bell peppers and onions in a
chile chipotle cream sauce (Medium Hot)  1
Campechana *
A delicious bowl of fresh octopus & prawn soup with avocados,
tomatoes, onions an cilantro. Served with crackers or tostados.
No rice and beans.    $ 1
Cocktail de camarones*
Shrimp cocktail mexican Stle. Served Hot or Cold.   $ 14.99